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The Usian Republic consists of six provinces, one territory, and two outposts. Combined, these claimed batches of land have an area of roughly 1'612'061 km² (622'420 square miles). Of this, 1'610'000 km² are located in Antarctica, and are disputed, because of an international treaty banning any signatory (most countries) from recognizing new claims to the continent of ice. Thus, this territory is to be relinquished in the near future. 2'060 km² of the claimed territory are located in a quadrilateral area between Egypt and Sudan that neither of the nations has claimed, by the name of Bir Tawil. This territory is also disputed. And about 1 km² is made up of the provinces and one of the outposts.


A province is definied as a territory which is inhabited by Usian citizens and which is seceding from its macronation along with the rest of the Republic. A territory is a bit of land which is uninhabited and unclaimed by anyone else. And in general, an outpost is a bit of land over which we have as little control as over an uninhabited territory, but which may or may not be populated by our citizens, though almost every claim that doesn't fit into any other category is called an outpost.

Current territorial claims of Usi on a world map.
Current territorial claims of Usi on a world map.

Note: Province of Usi City is now Province of Usipolis.


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