Foreign relations of the Usian Republic

The Usian Republic is open to diplomatic relations with other micronations.


Conditions on which the Usian Republic will open official/formal/full diplomatic relations with another micronation after 18 December 2014:

The micronation may not be rated "simulationist" or "conworld-simulationist" by the Usian government

The micronation's government may not be far-right on the political spectrum
The micronation may not be in danger of becoming defunct in the foreseeable future


Conditions on which the Usian Republic will open informal diplomatic relations with another micronation after 18 December 2014:

The micronation may not be rated "conworld-simulationist" by the Usian government

To request diplomatic relations, please contact

Secessionism as a condition for diplomatic relations

Even though Usi is a secessionist micronation, its government is not at odds with simulationists. As part of the current policy of the Department of Foreign Politics to increase dealings with secessionists and decrease contact with simulationists, after 18 December 2014, each micronation wishing to establish diplomatic relations with the Usian Republic must identify its micronational mindset according to these definitions:

1. Hyper-Secessionist: Either "macronational" and/or violent secessionist movements (i.e. Crimean crisis)

2. Active-Secessionist: Micronations attempting to be recognized as independent right away, searching for ways to establish a real, physical state right now.

3. Future-Secessionist: Micronations mostly lying in wait for the time to come in which they can grab the chance and secede; these nations are as secessionist as active-secessionist micronations but do not have the necessary means (yet) to secede. Still, they may claim that they are already independent.

4. Passive-Secessionist/Simulo-Secessionist: A mixture of secessionism and simulationism, the micronations with this type of mindset do not actively try to secede but keep their politics realistic. They may at some point wish to secede.

5. Purely Simulationist: Pure simulationism is practiced by micronations claiming land unrealistically or not at all, not necessarily really wanting to secede.

6. Conworld-Simulationist: A type of simulationism in which an entirely ficticious culture, history and current state of a micronation are invented.

The Usian Republic identifies as future-secessionist.

Note that future-secessionists do not, as the diagram's labeling would suggest, wish to secede any less than active-secessionists, but are not ready for secession yet.


The Usian Republic has an embassy in Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Ambassador is

To contact the ambassador, please e-mail


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