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Flag of the Usian Republic.
Flag of the Usian Republic.

The Usian government was established (declared itself the government of Usi, and then declared independent that and seceded from its former host nations) on 13 July 2014.


Its head of government and head of state is the Head of the Executive, formally the Head of the Executive Branch of the Government of the Usian Republic and its Territories, an office comparable to the president in many other countries, for example the United States. The officially recognized "founder" of the Republic is the Head of Executive until removed from office by a semiannual referendum. After his removal, resignation or death, there is an direct election for a new HoE. Incumbent is Gabriel N. Pelger.

The chairman of the Parliament, and the one to carry the legislative powers vested in the presidents of foreign states is the Head of the Legislative, who is nominated by the Head of Executive and chosen by the Parliament. He is the first in the line of succession should the Head of the Executive die or otherwise be rendered incapable of holding the office.

Legislation is passed by the tricameral Parliament, with the House of People's Representatives, Senate and State Council. Elections for members of the House are held every half a year, and the members of the other two houses indirectly appointed every one and two years, respectively. Currently, the 1st Parliament of Usi is meeting.


There is currently only one active court fully established in the Usian Republic, for lack of crime, which is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can repeal new laws on the basis of them being unconstitutional, but this has never been the case before. The Supreme Judges are directly elected every four years.

Diagram of the Usian government.
Diagram of the Usian government.


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