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Senate Budget Office releases 2015 finance report

published 20 March 2016

USIPOLIS -- The Budget Office of the Senate (BOS) today, four months into 2016, released the Public Report on the State of Government Finances. The annual creation of a summary of statistics and data was mandated in mid-2015 by a by-law of the Senate concerning its duties of informing the public on matters of the budget, for which it is responsible. "We felt compelled to provide a yearly update on the status of the finances of the government to ensure the maintenance of an informed electorate, so the Senate tasked me with the creation of such a document," explains Rainer Hartmund, Director of the Budget Office of the Senate. "Owing to the lack of staff for the task, we could unfortunately not release the full details on all areas of expenditure in the budget. We did, however, ensure that the military budget was almost completely released, due to the great interest of the public in supervising the goings-on of the Usian military-industrial complex."

Head of Executive meets with ministers to discuss Usian development

published 24 July 2015

PRAGUE -- Head of Executive Gabriel N. Pelger yesterday met with the Head of the Bureau of Infrastructure and Housing and the Head of the Bureau of Transportation, as well as with several members of the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Infrastructural Development.

While the exact subjects of discussion remain restricted at this time, the Head of Executive disclosed that debate centered on the financing of public infrastructure and the provision of adequate housing immediately after secession. "The most difficult part will probably be making the Usian Republic attractive for settlement," Head of Executive Pelger said in a brief statement his office released today, "Only if the Usian population grows to a point where the Usian Republic is a significant economic and political entity will it thrive and gain any 'macronational' attention."

The semi-formal meeting was held over a traditional Czech dinner at the Pilsen Restaurant of the Obecní Dům. The meeting fortuitously coincided with Pelger's birthday on the 25th of July.

Government celebrates first anniversary of the Usian Republic

Published 13 July 2015

The government today celebrated the Usian Republic's first anniversary at the House of the Government. The 13th marks one year since the de jure issuance of the de jure declaration of independence.

"The Usian Republic has come a far. Nevertheless, the long path ahead of us must not be forgotten." In the Secession Day address, the Head of Executive delivered encouragement to the devoted members of the government, but also emphasized that Usi is still a long way from secession. He did not fail to thank all citizens of the Republic for their devotion.

The festivities were attended by the Head of Legislative and First Supreme Judge, as well as by several ministers and members of the Usian Parliament.

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Elections for the House of People's Representatives and Executive Referendum finally concluded

Published 21 June 2015

After an astoundingly long time of legal disputes, the Supreme Court has finally declared the election of 21 January of this year as being in order. A member of the Democracy Board of the Usian Parliament had criticized the results because of low voter turnout.

With this election, the moderate left has managed to maintain an absolute majority in the House. Head of Executive Gabriel N. Pelger has also been re-elected for another term.

In a surprise decision, the highest court of the land reasoned today that "the Usian Republic is becoming increasingly unstable due to the prolonged inactivity of the Parliament". In a 2-1 ruling, the Supreme Judges declared that those citizens who voted offered "a fairly accurate representation of the populace's will".

According to one of the newly elected People's Representatives, the Parliament's top priorities are the long outstanding passing of the Constitution of Usi and other essential legislation, and the decrease of the frequency of House elections -- in an attempt to remedy the low voter turnout -- to once a year, on 21 July, instead of twice a year.

In the meantime, the new Parliament has postponed the upcoming July election until 21 July 2016.

The list of members of the House of People's Representatives may be found here.

Predominantly used name of the Republic of USI shifts to Usian Republic; Parliamentary name change Resolution submitted

Published 19 February 2015

The draft of the Usian Constitution gives USI's official name as either Republic of USI or Usian Republic. As the Department of Foreign Politics (DFP) has had several embarrassing incidents in which foreign diplomats mistook USI for an acronym (due to its aberrant capitalization), the Foreign Minister and Head of Executive Gabriel N. Pelger has submitted a Parliamentary Resolution to change the officially used name of USI to "Usian Republic". He has already effected the name change for the executive branch of the Usian government through his signing of Executive Decree 1006 today.

Republic of USI accepted into Grand Unified Micronational

Published 19 January 2015

With the beginning of the new year, the supreme organ of the prestigious intermicronational organization GUM has voted to let the Republic of USI become a  provisional member.

"This is an essential step in our nation's development. I am confident it will further stabilize our efforts to become a long-standing member of the micronational community, having good diplomatic relations with a wide variety of [...] micronations," commented the Head of Executive and Acting Foreign Minister.

It is highly likely that the Republic of USI will become a full member state within 14 days.

High Court of the 1st Judiciary District bans capital punishment and full face masking in public; awaiting Supreme Court confirmation

Published 17 January 2015

After Head of Executive Gabriel N. Pelger presented the debate about capital punishment and full face masking (except of course, where it is necessary) to the judge of the High Court today, the latter made the decision in favor of abolishing the death penalty and full masking one's face. The court's decisions rest on sections II(2)§2, III(1)§5 and III(2)§3 of the Usian Constitution respectively.

The decisions are due to be reviewed by the Supreme Court on 31 January.

Beginning of Full Year Parliamentary elections

Published 13 January 2015

From today until 21 January (if the date is not moved), Usian citizens will be eligible to vote in the elections for the House of People's Representatives of the Parliament.

National state of emergency declared

Published 02 November 2014

Beginning on Wednesday, 5 November, the Republic of USI will find itself in a so-called type A state of national emergency. It is meant for government crises, and has been declared by the Head of Executive together with the Head of Legislative. It has been confirmed unanimously by the State Council. The declaration is awaiting approval of the Supreme Court of USI.

An important part of this type of state of emergency is the formation of an Emergency Parliament, which is unicameral, smaller than and inferior to the "real" Parliament -- but which has the power to implement certain important pieces of legislation.

The state of emergency also draws some legislative power to the executive branch of the government, in the form of emergency regulations, which will be lifted as soon as the state of emergency is over.

The state of emergency also entails, among other things, a State of Elevated Caution. Citizens may notice a tightening of security, and an enlarged police force.

All these changes are per Article 8 of the latest version of the Constitution of USI.

Daily life shall continue as usual.

New designs for 2015 banknotes

Published 30 October 2014

Obverse of the 1/2 UTB banknote.

The Department of Finance and Economy today released pictures of the obverse sides of the planned 2015 banknote series. The bills range in denomination from 1/2 UTB to 500 UTBs. For safety reasons, only the obverse sides have been released without the specimen stamp, the pictures of the banknotes lack serial numbers and other security features, and the photos are not correctly proportioned.




Elections further postponed until 28 February 2015

Published 19 February 2015

The Bureau of Elections and Voting (BEV) today stated that "the missing ballot information ha[d] been recovered". However, due to the majority of Usian citizens requiring postal ballots, the final day of elections has been postponed to 28 February. The state of emergency enacted on 5 November of the past year shall stay in force until revoked by the 2nd Parliament.

Elections postponed until 21 February 2015

Published 19 January 2015

Due to missing ballot information, the Bureau of Voting and Elections, with the confirmation of the Democracy Board of the Parliament, has decided to set election day for 21 February.

Until then, the state of emergency enacted on 5 November of the past year shall stay in force.

National Statistics Office (NSO) publishes Usian Bureaucratic Measurement/Scale

Published 10 September 2014

The National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Republic of USI has just released its first grading scale: The Usian Bureaucratic Measurement (or Scale) for micronations. Based on how a nation scores in each of the five categories (on a scale from 1 to 8, one being least bureaucratic, eight being most bureaucratic), an estimate is made on how bureaucratic the micronation is! (See more about the UBM (or S) on MicroWiki).

Republic of USI signs treaty with Principality of Lomellina

Published 26 August 2014

On the 16th of this month, the Head of Executive formally signed the DMRPT-1A, the "Deed of Mutual Recognition and Political Trust 1A" -- and so has the head of government of Lomellina, D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer. The treaty has yet to be ratified by both parliaments. The bilateral treaty was written to ensure peace between the two nations and establish mutual recognition.

Investigation of Head of the USI Intelligence Agency unsuccessful

Published 24 August 2014

On 22 August 2014, as the National Investiagation Agency (NIA) released today, owing to a confidential tip-off from a USI Intelligence Agency (UIA) agent, the head of department was briefly investigated on charges of withholding sensitive information and possible corruption. An electronical device believed to have the information was seized, but an intensive search yielded no results. After two days of unincriminating backround checks, the NIA officially discontinued the inquiry. The agent, who wanted to remain anonymous, is now facing an inspection himself.

Scientific and technological development

Usian candidate for post of Secretary of Science and Technology of the Nollandish Confederacy

Several days ago, the Head of Executive and Foreign Minister Gabriel N. Pelger officially candidated as  Secretary of Science and Technology within the Nollandish Confederacy.

"I see my chances of serving the intermicronational community as well as USI in this way as very high, me being the only candidate for the office," said Head of Executive Pelger in a news statement.



Published 31 January 2015

"I felt that the popular MicroBall comics could do more than provide political satire. After all, cartoons can be amusing while being a work of art". This is the reason an Usian MicroBall artist who wished to remain anonymous stated yesterday when asked by a the Bureau of Art and Music (BAM) what the idea behind MicroSurrealism was.

Even though the MicroSurrealism cartoons have been moderately successful inside the Republic of USI, they have not been received as enthusiastically in the intermicronational community.

"I never really imagined anything long-term for MicroSurrealism, really, it was just sort of an impulse and fun to do," remarked the aforementioned artist when told this.


First company founded: Estuvo Processing, LTD.

Published 31 January 2015

Ten days ago, the first completely government-indpendent company registered with the Usian government. Estuvo Processing specializes in data processing and advanced problem solving in different areas. So far, it has one employee, an Usian citizen.

Law and crime

New Act submitted the the Office of the Head of Legislative:

Main Criminal Law Act of 2015


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