National symbols of Usi

Usian flag

Proportions: 1:2.

Description: As per the constitution, the left half of the Usian flag is red (RGB 255, 0, 0). The bottom half of the right half is colored Usian flag blue (RGB 49, 15, 253). The half that is left over is horizontally divided into a yellow (RGB 0, 255, 255) and a green (RGB 0, 255, 0) area; the yellow half is slightly larger than the green half, though no exact proportion is given.

Grand Seal

Description: The Grand Seal of Usi has a regular octagonal shape. The octagon has above it the word "USI" in black, capital letters and the font Times New Roman, opposed on each side by a simple outline of a sitting representative of the national animal, the domestic cat. Floating slightly distanced from the two lower angled sides of the regular octagon are the words "GRAND" and "SEAL", mind case sensitivity, in the same font and color. The "interior" of the octagon is colored red. In the center, there is a simple diamond design, tilted so that the rhombus's sides are parallel to the angled sides of the octagon. The central shape's being a diamond is portrayed by two crossing lines running from the top tip to the lower tip of the rhombus. Emanating from the middle of each of the four sides of the rhombus are shapes bearing a resemblance to the figure zero. The ones running up and down are colored yellow or gold (RGB 255, 215, 0), the ones running from right to left are colored platinum (RGB ?) or silver (RGB 192, 192, 192).

National anthem (temporary)

The current national anthem is an approx. 37-second long excerpt from The Nutcracker (Act Grandfather Dance) by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky. It was chosen for its grand and respect-commanding sound and will be replaced eventually, when something better suited is found.


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