Comprehensive Micronational Survey

Midway report

The average micronation...

  • has 20 citizens
  • has 4 allies
  • has 6 diplomatic partners.

When looking for diplomatic partners, what micronations look at most is

  1. if the other micronation is influential in the micronational world
  2. how old the micronation in question is
  3. the spelling and grammar used by the micronation in question
  4. the law and constitution of the micronation
  5. the political correctness of the micronation
  6. simulationism/secessionism

Very few diplomats are interested in the form of government of the other micronation, the size and population, national symbols or the geographical location of the other micronation.

$100 is roughly the amount of the average annual budget of micronations.

A third of all micronations forbid the consumption of tobacco.

The average minimum age for alcohol consumption purportedly enforced by the government of micronations is 15.

The average minimum age for the smoking of tobacco purportedly enforced is 17.

The average minimum age for driving is 16.

On average, micronationalist become fully responsible for their (e.g. criminal) actions at 10 years of age.

The average minimum age for running for election in micronations is 12. This is compatible with the notion that many (43%) of micronationalists are between 14 and 18 years of age.

The average minimum voting age is 13 years.

Only 15% of micronations do not have a military or are not planning one.

About the people who filled out the survey:

  • The vast majority (93%) had an account in the forum
  • 80% held the position of head of state in their micronation
  • Two thirds held the position of head of government in their micronation
  • 40% were the foreign minister of their micronation.


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