Constitution of Usi

Any citizen of the Republic of USI may submit an ideal constitution in their eyes to be presented to the Parliament. Currently, the only draft that has been submitted is that of the head of state Gabriel N. Pelger. The Constitution shall be the first Act voted on by the new Parliament.


Constitution of Usi (14 February 2015 Version)
Eight articles (three incomplete, to be amended), three appendixes. Not yet ratified by the Parliament. Authored by head of state Gabriel N. Pelger.
Constitution Version 1.3.odt
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Usische Verfassung (Version vom 31. Oktober 2014)
Deutsche √úbersetzung der noch unratifizierten Verfassung der Usischen Republik. Verfasst von Staatsoberhaupt Gabriel N. Pelger. (Veraltet)
Verfassung Version 1.2 (Republik USI).od
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